How to Create Balance in the Work Week Hustle


I reached my goal of 10,000 steps every day of the Workweek Hustle challenge! #Fitbit

….thanks friends for the challenge!

What activity from this week makes you feel powerful & in charge of your health?

What are you doing today to create a healthy, happy family life?

Are you able to get outdoors to exercise?

How does your body Respond?


Can we do it again?


Here’s a challenge for you!  What makes you happy?  What brings happiness into your life in the midst of the work week hustle?  Write it down.  Commit to making it happen.  Then do it again.

Small activities repeated over time can lead to big results. 

Do you enjoy walking or the outdoors?  What about dancing?  Running?  Playing with the kids or grand kids?  Hiking, biking or bird watching?  Whatever you like to do, as the Nike commercial empowers – Just Do it!

You don’t have to train for a 5k race or a marathon.  Yet, you do have to lace up those tennis shoes and get moving.

Work week hustle… can you turn it into a dance?  A family gathering?  Time with a girl friend or neighbor?

Physical activity is a pivotal piece of the puzzle in maintaining health, wellness, happiness, strength and a sound mind.

Have you seen the mugs that read “I run to burn off the crazy?”  There’s so much truth in that phrase!  What do you do to burn off the crazy?  The crazy of the day, week, month, year – the crazy may not be within.

Yet, it comes in.

Step it out.

Take steps to get out the crazy.  From your thoughts, your work week, the things around you that you cannot control.

Work it out.  Walk it out.  Exercise it out.  Hustle it out!

You may be surprised how quickly and easily you begin to feel stronger, better, balanced, invigorated and ready to move forward in your life.

The Work Week Hustle.  Bust a move, friends.  You can do it!  I believe in YOU!

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can find balance in your work week, then

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You too, were created for more.

Have a #HealthyMeetHappy weekend!

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