The Struggle is REAL

As a working mom building a business in the ever changing healthcare industry, the struggle is REAL.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

Why is it that there never seems to be enough time in the day…

  • to get a WORK To Do list done
  • spend quality time with the kids
  • fit in time for personal health including a good workout or a visit to Health First Pro Health
  • quiet time
  • hubby time
  • time with God

Throw on top of that, attempting to grow a private nutrition practice, create and build a website, learn new marketing and social media techniques…

and SEO’s, organic searches, google rankings ????

Come on now, I’m a Registered Dietitian!  I teach, coach and inspire people to better health.  I have 17 years of clinical experience under my belt, having worked with thousands of people in many areas of the United States

…who really has time for SEO’s, organics & moving to the top of the list?  I am NOT academically trained in business or marketing or social media or even state of the art technology.  After recently acquiring my first domain name, I finally learned what a Domain Name is…

Today, while looking at and analyzing my websites:  and

I realized that the struggle is REAL.  I cannot do it all on my own and I need some help.  If I spend too much of my time updating keywords, checking rankings and analyzing websites, I’ll have no time left in the precious days and weeks we’re given to actually USE our gifts for good.

Today, during my quiet time, 1 Bible verse really spoke to me.

Isaiah 32:17  The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effects will be quietness and confidence forever.

I am only righteous because of HIM.  If I rely on my own good works, they’ll never been good enough and I’ll end in defeat – there is no quietness or confidence in defeat.

 I am only righteous because of my personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST.  The result of this relationship is peace. Peace produces a quietness and inner confidence that I cannot manifest myself.  Even when the TO DO list doesn’t get finished, i miss a gym workout or my website never gets to the top of the “list”…

The need for HELP is #REAL ~ I cannot accomplish all I need to accomplish myself.  However, I can choose to trust and obey HIS lead to peace, quietness and confidence….. in every area of my life…

Today, in my work life, I choose to hand over the gigantic responsibility of SEO’s organic searches, google rankings and anlytics to someone more skilled than I… and in this strength, I find peace!

If you’re in need of website SEO help like me, feel free to try Semalt.  They have a 30 day trial that is very economical, today is day 1 for my website.  If you use this link, I may receive a small commission.

Feel free to check back in 2 – 3 weeks as I post the success of someone else’s efforts who is way more skilled than I

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Let’s make it another Healthy meet Happy week!

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