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All Things Beautiful

Do you like all things beautiful?

Me too…

Welcome to another day with #HealthyMeetHappy as we journey towards a beautiful life.


finding beauty in the simple things of life

What exactly does beautiful mean?  Good question… describes the word this way:




havingbeauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind:

a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.


excellent of its kind:

a beautiful putt on the seventh hole; The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.


wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.


the concept ofbeauty(usually preceded by the).


(used with a plural verb) beautiful things or people collectively (usually preceded by the):

the good and the beautiful.


the ideal ofbeauty(usually preceded by the):

to strive to attain the beautiful.


wonderful; fantastic:

You got two front-row seats? Beautiful!


extraordinary; incredible: used ironically:

Your car broke down in the middle of the freeway? Beautiful!
Beautiful:  What does beautiful mean to you?
a deep breath, a baby sleeping, the sun shining down on ripples of water?
Is it possible to slow down in a very fast paced world and find the beauty in things naturally created?

fresh carrots full of nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals

Look at the beautiful colors in the assortment of fresh carrots . . . deep purples, yellows, orange hues with lively green stems that so beautifully decorate the topsoil while nurturing the fine root vegetable underneath the ground. One can almost taste the Vitamin A, beta-carotenes and phytonutrients bursting at the intricately created seems.
  1. Is this beauty replaceable?
  2. Does a synthetic Vitamin A supplement exhibit beauty like this?….  Just something to think about …..
  • Can you smell and taste the earthiness of the carrot?
  • Can you hear the crunch of the complex starches, fibers and hydration plumping the cells of the vegetable.  Look at the unique lines and textures… isn’t it just picture perfect?
Wouldn’t you agree that these beautiful carrots are a perfect analogy of a #HealthyMeetHappy experience?
So…. what is beautiful to YOU? 
How can you begin today to see beauty in the simple, finer things in life. 
Let us not grow wearing in doing good, for at the proper season, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Let’s make it another #HealthyMeetHappy day!


I signed the petition to #RepealTheSeal.

As a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist ….

I am  participating in the #RepealTheSeal campaign to show my disagreement with the Academy’s recent decision to allow the Kids Eat Right logo onto food packaging. I invite my fellow colleagues and bloggers who share this opinion, or who support this campaign, to also post this open letter on their own blog, to sign the petition at and/or to use #RepealTheSeal hashtag via social media.

I do NOT agree with the recent collaborative efforts of Kraft with  AND  to increase awareness of the  “KidsEatRight”  logo on a food product that is highly processed, refined and filled with confusing ingredients that may mislead and/or further confuse  consumers.

As a licensed and regulated nutrition professional,  I work diligently every day to help clients, patients, consumers and kids navigate the confusing waters of food, nutrition and health in real life situations to prevent and treat disease.

While I do not condone the occasional processed cheese slice … it is just that … an occasional item.




Read more about the efforts to #RepealTheSeal here.  If you would like your voice heard.  Please consider joining the petition.



Angela Gallagher, RDN, LDN